I Want To Be Your Girlfriend

Mini-DV, Stereo, 4:09 min, edition 4, 2004

This video is presented on the DVD “Here is Always Somewhere Else”, a documentary about Bas Jan Ader by filmmaker Rene Daalder, and on the home page of Bas Jan Ader under the “Homages” section. The video was part of the exhibition “Gravity Art” at TELIC Arts Exchange, Los Angeles in 2008.



  • Icebreaker Festival, Norway, 2008
  • International Kansk Video Festival, Russia, 2006
  • SparkVideo 5.1, New York, 2005
  • A New Standard in Anonymity, Oslo, Norway, 2005
  • Choreocinema Festival, Oslo, Norway, 2005
  • PixelDance @In Flux Art, Thessaloniki, Greece 2005

“A New Standard in Anonymity”
Kontoret Gallery, Oslo, Norway, 2005